Car crashes into rocks on highway

Four Dunedin people were left stranded and shaken in Cromwell early yesterday morning after crashing into large rocks which had been deliberately placed on State Highway 6.

Senior Constable John Chambers, of Cromwell, said the female driver and her three passengers had been travelling from Dunedin to Queenstown when they hit 10 large rocks that had been deliberately put on the road about 50m from the McNulty Rd turn-off.

The car sustained serious damage including a broken windscreen and three tyres and mag wheels were destroyed.

No-one was injured in the crash.

The prankster was likely having a ''bit of a lark up'' but they had put four lives in danger, he said.

It was believed the rocks, which were spread out on the road in a line, were likely to have only been there for five to 10 minutes before the crash happened at 12.30am, Mr Chambers said.

A short time later another car also crashed into the rocks and suffered damage to a wheel.

A Cromwell person who arrived at the scene offered the four Dunedin people a place to stay for the night.

They were stranded in Cromwell yesterday while a friend brought three wheels from Dunedin for the car.

Anyone with information about who placed the rocks  should contact police.

The Southland Times