No decision on The Governor dive

09:22, Oct 01 2012

Police investigators are still waiting for a decision from the Royal New Zealand Navy's dive team to see if they are able to dive to the wreck of The Governor.

The navy's dive team has been consulted to find out its availability and the viability of using its resources to dive down to the wreckage.

However, Southern District communications manager Vivien Pullar said police were still waiting to hear from the navy to make a decision if it could help in the investigation.

The police dive squad visited the site of the wreckage on Thursday last week and gained footage using a remote-operated vehicle.

Strong underwater sea currents meant the dive squad was only able to get closer shots of one side of the boat. It was not able to get footage of the other side of the boat or the wheelhouse. The footage is yet to be analysed in detail but at this stage it does not locate the missing men.

The navy has the capability to dive deeper using a compression chamber.


The Southland Times