Long run for child cancer nears southern terminus

22:39, Oct 04 2012
  	 Victoria Taylor
LONG JOG: Runner Victoria Taylor as she left Invercargill headed for Bluff yesterday, as part of her top-to-bottom New Zealand run.

Those who shudder at the mere idea of exercise should spare a thought for Victoria Taylor.

She has just finished running the length of New Zealand to raise money for child cancer care.

Miss Taylor started at Cape Reinga on September 1 and 34 days and 2200 kilometres later, reached the bottom of the South Island.

She passed through Invercargill yesterday afternoon and planned to head to Stewart Island today.

The idea to run the length of New Zealand came from her desire to help others, she said.

"I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I wanted to do something for cancer."


So far, she has raised almost $9000 for the Child Cancer Foundation and hoped to collect a bit more from Southlanders.

Despite running up to seven hours every day, she has avoided major injury and has enjoyed the scenery along the way.

"I liked running through Kaikoura and running down the beach and seeing the seals . . . I got a few frights."

Southland weather had also proved a bit frightful and she had to run through a hail storm on Wednesday, she said.

By running the length of New Zealand in little more than a month, she believed she had beaten the previous record by nine days.

She had no plans to slow down when she reached the end of her New Zealand journey, she said.

"I'll still be running every day," she said.

The Southland Times