Police urge motorists to drive carefully over weekend

20:33, Oct 18 2012
Southland Highway Patrol supervisor Geoff Sutherland says Police will be out in full force this Labour weekend.

Southern police are again calling for motorists to take care this holiday weekend, to keep the road toll down.

Highway Patrol supervisor Geoff Sutherland said Southland's road toll had sat at two this time last year, but already there had been about five fatalities in 2012, he said.

With Southlanders traditionally taking to the roads in droves during Labour weekend, police urged them to be careful - especially given the weekend's rough weather forecast.

"It does get very busy down here . . . we find there's a lot more caravans, a lot more boats, on the roads so we really need vehicles to be mindful of the other vehicles out there, to ensure that there are as few crashes as possible," he said.

Nationally, the road toll was higher than it had been at this time last year and the same was the case in Southland.

"We're doing everything we can to keep that road toll down. We just need people to play their part as well."


The lowered 4kmh tolerance comes into effect at 4pm today and ends at 6am on Tuesday.

Southern district road policing manager Inspector Andrew Burns has also called on motorists to keep safe, and pay particular care to avoid crossing the centre line - one of the most dangerous things that could happen while driving, he said. "It goes without saying that if you cross the centre line you are at greater risk of travelling in the path of an oncoming vehicle and causing a serious injury to yourself, your family and other road users."

Drivers who crossed the centre line often did so because they were travelling too fast, were distracted or fatigued and not concentrating on their driving, or potentially affected by alcohol or drugs.

"If we have drivers concentrating on driving, watching their speeds, driving to the conditions, being considerate and patient we will all have a safer weekend."

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