Bar manager charged after 'prolonged assault'

Police in Queenstown have charged a well-known bar manager with an aggravated assault.

Sergeant Blair Duffy, of Queenstown, said police arrested the 32-year-old man yesterday at 1pm.
The man was charged with assault with intent to injure in relation to a vicious incident in Cow Ln at 2.30am on October 17, Mr Duffy said.

A customer was removed from the bar and allegedly assaulted by the manager and another member of the bar staff in Cow Ln.

The victim was punched, pushed to he ground then slapped and punched again before being dragged further down Cow Ln, where he suffered more blows to the head.

A business owner in Cow Ln contacted police with surveillance footage of the assault, which led to the arrest.

Police expected to arrest a second member of staff today.

''We would like to make an appeal should anybody have further information," Mr Duffy said.

''It was quite a prolonged assault, close to 20 punches.''

Police were also expecting a bar owner to provide security footage from a company hard drive.

The bar manager has resigned, he said.

The Southland Times