Roads, water Gore's top priorities

19:06, Oct 29 2012

The Gore District Council needs to do more about roading services and water quality, results from a recent community survey suggest.

The 2012 biennial Gore District Council Resident Survey asked nearly 400 residents to rate their satisfaction of the Gore District Council's services.

The survey is to help the council provide effective and efficient services to the community.

Roading, footpaths and water issues were ranked as the highest priority issues by respondents.

More than 125 participants rated roading as a high priority issue, bumping it up to number-one priority compared with third in the 2010 survey.

Respondents also said they wanted council to do more maintenance on roads, with potholes, grading and resealing listed as issues.


Metal roads were also criticised.

Gore District mayor Tracy Hicks said money for rural roads was stretched.

The NZTA, which provided 50 per cent of funding, had started to focus on bigger projects and there was less money available for maintenance in some rural areas, he said.

Maintenance and funding for roading services were ongoing.

Footpaths ranked as the second highest priority, with respondents saying they also needed more maintenance and repairs, while people were happier with the reliability of the town's water supply but said the quality had not improved.

Respondents suggested using less chlorine and improving the colour and taste of the water.

Water issues, ranked 5th in the 2010 survey and 7th in 2008, were third this year. All respondents said they used the Gore town water supply.

Gore District general manager district assets Paul Withers said the council had spent $188,000 this year to try to secure a new water supply by June 2013.

A new supply could help ease water restrictions during summer and stop discolouration caused by manganese at the bottom of wells, he said.

Chlorine was also needed to make water safe for drinking, he said.

"We maintain the chlorine levels within the drinking standards."

A report on water supply options would be presented to council next month.

The survey was conducted by the Southern Institute of Technology and the results will be reviewed at the Gore District Council meeting tonight.

The Southland Times