Colleagues tell board member to stop attacks

18:30, Nov 06 2012

The role of Bluff Promotions was again called into question this week by Bluff Community Board member Brent Procter, who was told by his colleagues his personal attacks were inappropriate.

Mr Procter tried to table a "response" to the activity report by Bluff Promotions officer Lindsay Beer but was stopped by chairwoman Jan Mitchell on Monday night.

The document had not been approved before the meeting so was not allowed to be tabled, she said.

When Mr Procter tried to respond he was told by Mrs Mitchell that under standing orders he was only allowed to speak once to an item, and he had already done so.

Board member Charlie Te Au believed that though Mr Procter had "some true gripes", they should be dealing with organisational matters, such as whether they were getting "value for money" from the $11,500 paid to Bluff Promotions.

"I know you have got personal issues, Brent, but I don't think you should be picking on the [promotions] officer."


Mrs Mitchell said it was not appropriate for personal attacks to be made on the promotions officer at every meeting.

Councillor Graham Lewis, who replaced Mr Procter on the Bluff Promotions joint committee when the board voted to remove him in August, said he was aware of the extra work Mr Beer had been doing that was not included in his report.

He suggested in future the reports contain summaries of all of the events and activities Mr Beer had been working on, not just the "major" ones.

Later in the meeting when the budget for 2013-2014 was discussed, Mr Te Au said as part of the grants funding they needed to see if they were getting value for money from Bluff Promotions.

The board then discussed whether the Maritime Museum grant of $10,000 would continue, and passed a resolution that it would be included in the budget, subject to providing a statement of intent to the board.

This part of the vote, chaired by Cr Lewis as Mrs Mitchell chaired the museum committee, was taken as a whole and included the Bluff Promotions funding.

Mr Te Au and Mr Procter did not realise the vote included the promotions grant and argued it should have been done separately, but Cr Lewis said the vote had been taken and there would be no further discussion.

The Southland Times