New virtual map for Southern Lakes District

03:04, Nov 07 2012
360queenstown-wanaka licensee and operator Keith Stubbs takes a panoramic shot of Lake Wanaka for its new website.

Queenstown and Wanaka will have a huge presence on a new virtual map of the region aimed at opening up the resort's attractions to the online world.

360queenstown-wanaka is a website using cutting edge web technology to stream 360 degree panoramic shots showcasing the area's attractions to allow people from all over the world to plan their holidays in Queenstown or Wanaka.

Visitors already here will be able to navigate everything from business directories to snow reports and mountain bike trail updates, through to business opening hours on smart devices. Golf courses will also play a large part in future coverage.

They will also be able to follow the most detailed map of the region and hone in on flagged attractions.

The website is described as ''google maps, google streetview and the yellow pages all rolled into one.''

360queenstown-wanaka license holder and operator Keith Stubbs brought the technology to the region from Japan.

''I was approached to start it in our region because the backers of the company  really wanted the second platform of 360 to be based in a renowned tourist region that came complete with year-round attractions - which was flattering for me, and really heaps praise on the lovely area we live in.''

Businesses in the Queenstown and Wanaka region will be able to be featured on the site free of charge on a ''no strings attached'' basis, but then will be able to upgrade their presence on the site, or have a virtual tour embedded on their own website.

''It's all about partnerships, and tailoring everything to the specifics of those partners, but for now we really want to build up our featured businesses, to prove the platform and attract users.''


The Southland Times