Gold guitar may see light of day again

23:38, Nov 08 2012
Ken Scott and Alan Ritchie
NEW HOME: Gore Country Music Club building committee chairman Ken Scott, left, and members representative Alan Ritchie want to get the iconic gold guitar out of storage and up for display.

Gore country music enthusiasts want to wipe the cobwebs off the town's iconic gold guitar and put it back on display.

The gold guitar statue, built more than 25 years ago, used to be on the main street of Gore during the country music festival but has been stuck in storage for about 10 years.

Gore Country Music Club wants the 7.5 metre guitar placed permanently outside its clubrooms at the Longford Function Centre.

Gold Guitar committee and board member Coral McCauley said the gold guitar was first put up in the main street during the 1987 music festival. The statue lost its spot after the main street was upgraded in 1999, she said.

In the late 90s, two proposals to put it up permanently on Ordsal St and Eccles St were knocked back by the council because it was seen to be advertising the club.

The guitar was put into storage at the old clubrooms about 10 years ago and remained largely unscathed after a fired chewed through the building in 2004.


Gore Country Music Club members representative Alan Ritchie said a lot of time and effort had gone into making the guitar and it would be good to see it on display.

"There was a lot of work done by old members and it's in a storage shed. It's an absolute waste to have it sitting in there, with all the work that has gone into making it," he said.

Gore District Council planning consultant Keith Hovell said a land use resource consent application was submitted to Gore District Council last week.

Anyone can put in a submission supporting or opposing the application.

If there are any submissions, these would be addressed at a public hearing around the end of January, he said.

The application is open for public submission until December 6.

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