Searching for the perfect pint

Three southern bars have made it into the regional finals of this year's Guinness Pint Masters Finals.

Morrison's (Queenstown), Kelvin Hotel (Invercargill) and Pog Mahones (Queenstown), along with the Old Bank Bar (Timaru) and Bog Irish Bar (Dunedin) will battle it out at the Lower South Island final to be held in Queenstown on November 21.

The art of pouring the perfect pint is expected to be hotly contested.

Guinness started the search to find the 2012 pint master on September 28, asking Guinness drinkers to rate their pint via a text message or postal entry.

Customers scored their pints on the "perfect pour", which included pouring Guinness at a 45-degree angle in a clean glass until three-quarters full, allowing the stout to settle, before topping up the glass.

The Southland Times