'I love to do da spanky spanky with my big wooden cane'

22:35, Nov 11 2012
Miss Svenson's Classroom Detention
SUGGESTIVE: Miss Svenson's Classroom Detention.

Energy drinks with sexual innuendo and drug references on the cans are being sold to schoolchildren in Invercargill despite raising the eyebrows of national censors.

Two of the cans, Miss Svenson's Classroom Detention and Rasta Blasta - The Ganja Masta, use provocative and suggestive images and texts and are sold to kids.

Salford Street Dairy owner Sam Chen, who sells the energy drinks, said they were popular with school pupils but the product was being deleted.

"We are selling the last of the stock now at discount prices," he said.

The high-strength energy drink is made by the Mad Drinks Factory in Auckland and Mr Chen said he was told the product line was discontinuing.

"I think there have been some complaints made to the company about the cans."


Mr Chen said he believed that sometimes the marketing of products pushed the boundaries of many people's tastes.

In the Office of Film and Literature Classification's 2012 annual report, Miss Svenson's Classroom Detention cans were listed among 2026 video games, adverts, DVDs, movie trailers and books which were examined for their content.

Just over 7 per cent of those contained sex, horror, crime, cruelty or violence in a manner which "may cause injury to the public good".

A member of the public submitted concerns about the graphics and text on the surface of the Miss Svenson's Classroom Detention cans, saying they were offensive and potentially harmful to children, the report says.

The office agreed with the submitter that the drink can was offensive.

"The dominant effect is of a drink can with simple, cartoon graphics and text, using sexual innuendo as a marketing ploy with hackneyed, sexualised caricatures of a disciplinarian Swedish schoolmistress. The coarse humour was disrespectful. It was somewhat degrading to teachers, Swedish people and to women generally," the report says.

However, there was no nudity shown, nor sexual activity presented in any graphic detail and the can was subsequently classified as "unrestricted".

In 2010 the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint that a poster for Mad Drinks Factory's energy drink Rasta Blasta using marijuana imagery was socially irresponsible and another product from the company, Miss Helen's Massive Melons energy drink, also came under fire from the censors.

The Mad Drinks Factory could not be contacted yesterday.


This is what is printed on the back of the can: "Allo, My name is Miss Svenson an I come from Sweeeden. I love to do da spanky spanky with my big wooden cane especially on all you nughty nughty little boyz. Za after schooul detention is my favorit as if i catch za boyz playin peek-a-boo at my peeky bits, Den they get a good spanky spanky on dere botty botty."

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