Police back more security cameras

22:01, Nov 12 2012

Invercargill police have applauded moves by the city council to consider expanding its security camera network.

In the urgent business portion of an Invercargill City Council community services committee meeting yesterday, councillor Graham Lewis questioned whether the council planned to expand its CCTV footage, particularly in the south Invercargill area, after a serious assault in Russell Square, on the corner of Elles Rd and Balmoral Dr.

Invercargill man Marty Keen suffered severe facial injuries, including a broken nose and fractured eye socket, after the October 28 attack.

However, community development manager Mary Napper said at the moment, the city's CCTV system could only be in areas where there were fibre-optic cables laid, which could then transmit images to the Invercargill police.

"We do need to remember CCTV cameras don't stop crime, they only help solve crime. That's something the public often don't realise," she said.

CCTV cameras did not necessarily make people under the influence of alcohol or drugs more reluctant to commit crime, she said.


Mayor Tim Shadbolt said he believed the council should look at the costs involved in installing additional CCTV cameras.

"They were about $25,000 a camera when we set them up, but like a lot of technology it does get cheaper by the year, so it would be worth looking at costs."

Committee chairman councillor Lindsay Abbott suggested a report into the proposal for the next Safer Invercargill subcommittee, which is scheduled to meet on February 7.

After the meeting, Southland area commander Inspector Lane Todd said police would "definitely" support moves to expand the city's existing CCTV network.

The Southland Times