Things that go bump in the night

A French couple fled a hotel that is said to be haunted during the early hours of this morning after being woken by a woman knocking on their door.

The couple told police they had been too scared to remain at the Glenorchy Hotel and Backpackers.

Sergeant Steve Watt said the distressed pair arrived at Queenstown police station at about 3am after having driven the winding 45km stretch of road from Glenorchy.

They told police they had been woken by a drunk woman knocking on their door and when they asked her to go away she did, he said.

''But after that the couple was so scared they chose to drive all the way to Queenstown and came to the police station to report the incident.''

The visitors were quite miffed when police told them there was nothing they could do as a crime had not been committed, he said.

It is not clear whether the French couple were aware of the ghost rumours.

In 2008, then hotel manager Rob Ashby told The Southland Times he believed the hotel had a resident ghost and suggested it could be that of a former guest.

''You see odd-ball things happen here at all times of the days,'' he said.

''I've seen doors open into the wind and lights I've turned off back on again in the morning.''

At the time Mr Ashby said there were also a number of locals who believed the hotel was haunted.

When The Southland Times called the hotel today the man who answered the phone declined to comment on the incident but said it was being dealt with by staff this morning.

''It was nothing sinister. It was just a bit of noise and I can assure you it was not a ghost.''

Mr Watt said he wasn't sure where the couple spent the remainder of the night but confirmed they had not been put up in the police station.

The Southland Times