Peony sales help finance cancer rehab

Picking coral sunset peony roses to raise funds for cancer survivors' therapy has proved popular.

Southland Pink and Silver Pilates patron Caroline Corkill said Johan Groters and Joyce Kolk, from Clifden, offered their peonies as a fundraiser.

"We were only too pleased to collect them," Dr Corkill said.

"Like Joyce said, they had pink roses so why not sell them to benefit a pink cause?

"We really appreciate Johan and Joyce donating their roses to us."

The Pink Pilates programme was started in 2005 by Auckland physiotherapist Lou James.

It is a personalised therapeutic, rehabilitation and exercise programme for cancer survivors.

All women with cancer are eligible to participate in the Pink Pilates Programme, from the newly diagnosed to women 25+ years after their initial cancer diagnosis.

There are more than 60 certified physiotherapists in New Zealand and a growing number in Australia. Research has proved that exercise helps patients recover from cancer surgery.

Lindsay Stephenson, of Stephenson Murray Physiotherapists, said the programme was helpful and clients enjoyed it. "It's a great programme.

"Clients who have been through the programme really enjoy it, get a lot out of it and find it really helpful in their lives," she said.

The programme addresses the physical conditions and side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.

The peonies are sold in the south and all money raised in Southland stays in Southland.

The Southland Times