Cardno quiet on road proposal

20:33, Nov 15 2012

Southland District Mayor Frana Cardno is not yet fighting or endorsing a proposal to revisit plans for a Haast-to-Hollyford road.

Westland District Property Ltd announced this week it had secured $220 million in overseas investment for the road.

Yesterday, Mrs Cardno said plans to fund the 78-kilometre toll road, that would create a tourist loop through Westland and Southland, had been on the council agenda for a long time and she was not surprised resource consent applications were being drafted.

However, she did not want to comment on the road until it had been discussed by the Southland District Council.

While she had not held back in her opposition to the Milford Tunnel and monorail proposals, those had "been through all the processes" before she voiced her opinion, she said.

She was also waiting on the results of the Milford Transport Options Review 2012 - a joint study between Environment Southland and Venture Southland.


The Southland Times