Mail theft 'uncommon' - NZ Post

16:00, Nov 18 2012

There was no evidence to suggest that mass amounts of mail were going missing or being stolen from any other parts of New Zealand, according to NZ Post spokesman Michael Tull.

Comments from Southland Times readers suggested mail delivery complaints in Kilbirnie, Wellington.

Mr Tull said NZ Post was aware of alleged claims about missing mail from Kilbirnie about four months ago, which were "thoroughly investigated" and appeared to have stemmed from a personal disagreement.

"We found no evidence at all to support the claim that items had not been delivered to one residential address. There were no complaints at all from any other resident in Kilbirnie of a similar nature."

NZ Post had about 2000 posties who were very dedicated and did a great job, he said.

From time to time there could be a "rogue" situation such as had occurred in Queenstown, but the majority of mail was delivered safely. NZ Post delivered 750 million pieces of mail a year.

"We aren't trying to pretend there aren't one-off things with mail, sometimes through the fault of NZ Post or no fault of NZ Post."

However, the only other case of a comparable scale to Queenstown in recent years was a South Auckland case that was still before the courts. A woman had allegedly hidden 28,000 items of mail in her back garden over three years.


The Southland Times