Witness: Woman punched in head

21:52, Nov 18 2012

A woman who was punched in the head by a male companion in a Queenstown street on the weekend vanished before police could investigate.

The alleged punch was witnessed by a member of the public in the early hours of yesterday morning outside the Night and Day store in Camp St.

Senior constable Chris Blackford said when the witness approached the couple the woman said she ''didn't want anyone else involved.''

The witness then called police, but by the time a patrol arrived all parties had left the area.

''Any man that punches a woman deserves to have the full weight of the law thrown against them,'' Mr Blackford said.

''We would urge the woman to make contact with us to make sure she is safe... and to point her to someone she can speak to about the situation. There can be no circumstance where a male assaulting a female can be satisfactorily explained, and I'd suggest this victim needs to think about the sort of company she keeps.''  


The Southland Times