Council considers dog-desexing move

18:56, Nov 22 2012

Dog owners in Gore could be forced to pay almost $300 to have their dogs desexed if the animals are caught roaming the streets.

This week the Gore District Council regulatory and planning committee proposed changes to the Dog Control Bylaw to give the council the power to have a dog desexed if it was caught roaming more than once in a 12-month period, at the owner's expense.

Previously, the bylaw did not include a time frame and did not identify who would bear the cost of the operation.

The council's dog control working party chairwoman, Nicky Davis, said the council needed to send a strong message that dogs should not repeatedly roam the streets.

The proposed changes would mean the council's dog control officer could be more forceful, she said.

Dogs were more likely to wander during the mating season and possibly if they did not get the exercise they needed.


The council had tagged Hamilton Park as a possible dog park.

In a report to the council, general manager corporate services Russell Duthie said a 12month time frame demonstrated good behaviour could be recognised, whereas the initial bylaw which did not have a time frame was "a little harsh".

Given the cost of desexing operations, the committee reported it would be more practical to amend the bylaw to include a 12-month period and that the owner must bear the cost.

A Southern Veterinary Centre spokesperson said that depending on size, desexing a male dog could cost up to $180, and $280 for a female.

For the year ending June 30, Gore District recorded more than 3300 registered dogs and more than 40 infringement notices were issued for unregistered dogs.

The Southland Times