Clean streets project makes big difference

19:16, Nov 25 2012

An initiative encouraging south Invercargill residents to tidy up their streets has made them feel empowered, they say.

South Alive project co-ordinator Janette Malcolm said the organisation had been running an initiative to encourage residents to "adopt" south Invercargill streets.

They pick up rubbish on their adopted streets on a regular basis to keep them tidy.

Earlier this year, the group had surveyed residents of south Invercargill and found many were concerned about litter in the area.

South Alive then launched its Operation Zero Rubbish initiative, part of which encouraged residents to take responsibility for 170 streets in the Adopt a Street campaign - 75 of which had already been "adopted" by residents, Ms Malcolm said.

The project was not only a way to keep the streets clean, but also offered a chance for people to connect and gave them a sense of doing something positive for the community.


Aurora College, kindergartens, elderly residents, young families and beneficiaries were among those who had adopted streets already.

"It's not a big-budget project, but look at the difference it makes. It's about community support and the feeling of empowerment, and ways we can make a change."

Among others, beneficiaries and their neighbours in Manapouri St were supporting the project.

Linda Sutton, who spearheaded the group along with her 12-year-old grandson Bailey, said the project made sense: "You don't live in rubbish in your house; why would you do it in nature?"

The Southland Times