Roofing firm finishes job after CS Homes fails

00:49, Nov 27 2012

A Southland roofing company caught up in the CS Homes liquidation and a creditor of the failed business have stepped up to help Southland Stags and Highlanders flanker Tim Boys salvage his home.

CS Roofing Southland owner Keith Ivey said the Boys' roof had already been measured and manufactured, so his business decided to help the Boys family by putting it on at cost price.

"We were at the point where we had the metal fascia and the spouting on the house when I found out CS Homes were in trouble. We decided it would only be fair to finish the job," he said.

He said it was a good for his business and for Mr Boys. "We helped each other out, so the loss wasn't so bad for both of us".

Mr Boys was among Southland homeowners left in the lurch when CS Homes company director Colin Murray Hiatt put the business into voluntary liquidation.

Industry insiders believe Mr Hiatt has fled to Australia and could owe more than half a million dollars to contractors and suppliers in the region.


CS Homes owed CS Roofing Southland thousands of dollars.

The debt was less than other creditors' but the business took a hit because it was still money, Mr Ivey said. "It was disappointing because we had been paid up-to-date until this [Boys] house".

His business was also suffering because people had associated it with CS Homes because of the business name.

Mr Ivey, who employs 20 workers, said his business had no connection to the company in liquidation whatsoever.

"People think we were tied up in business but we are completely separate and I want to clear up any misconceptions," he said.

His business was a supporter of the community, which was one of the reasons he had helped Mr Boys.

It also donated money to Hospice Southland with every new residential roof or reroof, he said.

In the past few months $4000 had been donated.

The Southland Times