Bar punished for fights

Drunken fighting during karaoke sessions at a Central Otago pub has led to the suspension of the pub's on and off-licences.

Liquor Licensing Authority members suspended the Bannockburn Hotel on-licence, the pub's off-licence and a general manager's certificate.

Cromwell police applied to the authority on the grounds liquor was sold to intoxicated patrons and drunkenness or disorderly conduct was allowed on the premises.

After trouble at the hotel on August 3 and 13 police warned licensee Timothy Hanna about any more disturbances.

On August 17, police were called to a fight at the hotel and needed more officers from Alexandra to control patrons.

Police reported significant difficulty in controlling patrons and all the incidents happened during karaoke functions, which the pub no longer holds.

The on and off-licences were suspended for 24 hours last Friday and a general manager's certificate for Mr Hanna suspended for three weeks.

The Southland Times