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Anti coolist thing I have ever won

19:42, Dec 03 2012

When I was a teenager I thought I would support a local organisation (which shall remain nameless) by purchasing a raffle ticket where the first prize was a "Christmas Goose" which I thought if I won I could proudly present to my Mother to form part of our Christmas feast.

As it turned out the advertising of the above said prize was a tad "creative" as upon winning the raffle I was presented with two dead, un-plucked, un-gutted geese in a beer box.

To top it off, judging by the odour emanating from the box I suspect the tickets may have taken a couple of days too long to sell ...

It nearly put me off raffle tickets for life, and no they didn't end up in the freezer or oven, just as a very unpleasant surprise for the local Dusty.




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