Police car crashes

04:46, Nov 28 2012
Southland Times photo
The scene after a police chase ended in a crash at Tisbury on Wednesday.

A car being chased by police has crashed into a power pole on the corner of Rockdale and Gorge roads, Invercargill.

Witnesses said the police had been chasing a light blue Ford Laser, and a police officer had told the car to stop over a loudspeaker.

The male driver carried on and took the corner at high speed and crashed into a power pole near the Tisbury machinery shed.

The police car crashed into a wall.

The driver of the pursued vehicle got out of the car and appeared dazed, the witness said.

The man is now in police custody.

The power lines are down and neighbouring properties have lost power.

It is unknown if there were any injuries, but an ambulance was not seen at the crash site.


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