Tourists put on bus after crashing van

19:07, Dec 02 2012

A van full of six tourists from Singapore crashed near Tarras on Saturday after the driver lost control and the vehicle went down a bank, crashed through a fence and ended up on its side.

Constable Chris McAnally, of Cromwell, said the 37-year-old driver lost control of the rental van, carrying six adult passengers, just after 11am on the Lindis Pass-Tarras Rd on a slight bend.

The van hit gravel on the side of the road before over-correcting, crossing the centre line and crashing down a small bank on the opposite side of the road.

The van then crashed through a fence and ended up on its side.

No-one was injured in the crash, which Mr McAnally said was unbelievable.

The tourists were travelling to Lake Tekapo at the time of the crash and they seemed calm afterwards, Mr McAnally said. Speed was a factor but alcohol was not. Inquiries were continuing and it was too early to say if charges would be laid.


After calling the rental company and telling them what happened the group of tourists were refused another van to hire, Mr McAnally said.

However, police spotted a tourist bus driving past and after pulling it over, they were able to get the group on board.

In a separate incident, emergency services were called to the scene of a crash near Omakau yesterday afternoon after a van rolled in Loop Rd about 2.15pm.

Senior constable John Clark, of Alexandra, said two Argentinian tourists were travelling in the van when a female driver lost control on the gravel road.

The Omakau fire brigade, ambulance and police staff were called to the scene but no-one was injured in the crash.

The Southland Times