Bus shunts vehicle through reception window

18:36, Dec 03 2012
Crash on Invercargill's Bond street around 5pm Monday where a McDermotts Coaches Bus hit a parked Nissan Terrano and shunted it into the front office of Phoenix Services building.

Workers at Phoenix Services in Bond St had a lucky escape yesterday after a bus hit a car outside their building and sent it crashing through the windows and into the reception desk.

The workers said they thought it sounded like an earthquake.

Receptionist Sandie Morgan had just got up from behind her desk to turn off a colleague's computer.

"I've just got a big thank you [from him]," she said.

Phoenix owner Philip Brown said no workers were hurt but they had been lucky.

He saw the Terrano coming and stepped out of the way as it rammed into the glass.


"It's not the kind of publicity I would have liked," Mr Brown said.

The windows had an advertisement for glazing repair emblazoned on them.

"It's kind of funny now," he said.

Witnesses said the bus clipped the side of the Terrano, which was parked on the left-hand side of the road.

The Terrano then ran across the pavement and into the windows of Phoenix Services.

Acting Senior Sergeant Dave Kennelly said a bus heading south in Bond St crashed into a parked car, pushing it into the Phoenix Services building.

He said no-one was in the parked vehicle and no-one was injured inside the building but the bus driver was treated at the scene for a minor injury to his hand.

Inquiries were continuing, Mr Kennelly said.

The Southland Times