Pet lambs killed in dog attack

Wanaka police would like to hear from the owners of two Doberman-type dogs they believed attacked and killed two pet lambs at an urban property this morning.

Senior Sergeant Allan Grindell said a woman who lives in Tapley Paddock was woken by her dogs, who were inside, at 5am. She looked outside and saw two dogs, which looked like Dobermans. She chased them off and found the mauled lambs.

Sheep being killed by dogs was not uncommon, Mr Grindell said.

A golden Labrador was seen mauling a sheep in a lakeside paddock near Ruby Island Rd in September and five sheep were killed, or had to be put down, after a dog attack on Studholme Rd, near Tapley Paddock, in July. The dog or dogs responsible for that attack were not found.

There were also several incidents of dogs attacking sheep at Albert Town during the middle of the year.

The Southland Times