Dunedin focus for HRV inquiry

20:27, Dec 04 2012

A Commerce Commission investigation into home ventilation company HRV will be limited to the Dunedin branch, the commission says.

Dunedin community newspaper D Scene reported last week that a raft of complaints had sparked the investigation into HRV practices.

The complaints related to alleged misrepresentations under the Fair Trading Act, a commission spokeswoman said, and later advised the focus would be on its Dunedin division. The spokeswoman declined to provide details of the complaints while the investigation was continuing.

HRV national media manager John Boyd declined to comment but said HRV was working closely with the commission.

D Scene reported in July the commission had received 53 complaints about  HRV (Cristal Air Limited trading as HRV) since 2009.

Complaints nationwide were mostly about pressure sales tactics and alleged misrepresentation of the heating benefits of HRV.


Former Dunedin Citizens Advice Bureau volunteer Noel Angus was aware at least five complaints made to the commission from Dunedin. He had dealt with complaints of HRV sales people

claiming  the company's system could do things it could not actually do, such as heating  the home.

Other concerns related to the documentation provided to buying customers.

Angus said customers complained HRV sales people were pushy and would not leave their  homes when asked. People also had problems cancelling orders.

Dunedin HRV branch owner David Simpson has continually defended his company's product, sales and service, saying customer care was important to the company.

The Southland Times