District, police praised for help

19:22, Dec 05 2012

The Argentine ambassador in New Zealand has commended the police and community response after a young woman died when her car crashed on her way to work near Arrowtown.

Carolina Patron Costas, 23, died at the scene when her car left Malaghans Rd and slid into a tree on her way to work at Millbrook Resort last month.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, yesterday said the Argentine Ambassador Fernando Escalona wrote a letter of thanks to southern district police.

The community, emergency services, friends, colleagues and her employer all pitched in to help the family, who flew to New Zealand from Argentina after the tragedy.

"When these tragedies occur, I call on the local community to give me a hand to help the families and try to alleviate their grief and Queenstown has never been found wanting.

"I have never been denied a request for help."


Millbrook accommodated her parents and her brother, her bank expedited closing her account, and a Catholic priest who had worked in South America performed a Mass in Spanish.

When tragedies happened, the Queenstown community could be relied upon, often arriving at the station to offer donations, accommodation and food, he said.

Mr Escalon flew to Queenstown from Wellington to offer consular assistance and Millbrook Resort held a private service for family, friends and colleagues of Ms Costas, a popular member of the food and beverage team.

Her death was referred to the coroner.

The Southland Times