Dreams move: from possible to achieved

19:56, Dec 05 2012
2012 SIT graduates
The University of Otago College of Education graduation parade makes its way up Esk St yesterday.

New teachers paraded to their University of Otago graduation ceremony in Invercargill for the last time yesterday, with ceremonies to be held in Dunedin from next year.

About 70 early childhood, primary and secondary teaching students gathered at Wachner Place and made their way to the Civic Theatre, where most of them received their College of Education qualifications in front of friends, family and classmates.

Nineteen of the graduates had earlier received their qualifications at a ceremony at Te Rau Aroha Marae, in Bluff, yesterday morning.

Former James Hargest College student and University of Otago Council member Lorraine Isaacs, a producer at Cue TV, gave the graduation address, saying a lot had changed since she attended the university in the 1960s.

She joined a protest at the university union when the vice-chancellor banned the practice of mixed flatting which he thought was shocking.

However, some things had stayed the same, she said.


"I got what I hope all of you got from your time at Otago University - an education for life and a thirst for knowledge," Ms Isaacs said.

"I know how hard it is to earn a degree or a diploma, but you have all done it and you can be immensely proud of yourselves."

She reminded those in the theatre that dreams were possible, and that they should all be curious - remembering those two pieces of advice would make life easier, she said.

"If you are curious and ask questions all your life, and you believe that dreams are possible, the children you teach will learn to welcome the challenges that face them," she said.

"They will absorb your approach to life, your attitudes and enthusiasm.

"And when they are older than you are now, they will remember you and the things they learnt through being in contact with you . . . you are in a great position to make a difference in the world about you."

In July, the university announced that from next year graduates would take part in the Dunedin ceremonies to cut costs.

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