Alliance considering demolition

19:22, Dec 06 2012

Demolition experts and engineers met at Alliance Group's Mataura meat processing plant yesterday to look at the future of the site.

Plans to reconfigure the site follow the Alliance's decision, announced in October, to move the sheepmeat processing from Mataura to its Lorneville plant, affecting more than 300 jobs.

Beef processing continues at the Mataura plant, where the co-operative recently carried out a $15 million upgrade to its beef processing operations.

John Brader, Alliance Group general manager of processing, said it was critical to reduce the size of the plant and cut running costs. There were plans to reduce the plant to a size appropriate to the beef operations, he said.

Demolition experts and company engineers were at the site yesterday to develop demolition plans.

The company would look at the cost and see how it fitted with its capital budget, Mr Brader said.


With about two-thirds of the building expected to go, the demolition would not happen overnight. Dates were not yet known, he said.

Beef operations would continue through the demolition and, if any disruption was likely, it would be scheduled for the midyear off-season next year.

Mataura Community Board chairman Alan Taylor said demolishing the sheepmeat processing was the start of a new chapter for Mataura, but overall it was positive for the community and the company.

"It's in the long-term interest of the community not to have another unused building."

The Southland Times