Stewart Island to research power options

18:46, Dec 12 2012

The Stewart Island Community Board has formally approved investigation for a new electricity source.

It will see analysis of hydroelectric, wind energy and solar power options carried out under the direction of Venture Southland over the next year.

This will include water flow data collection to assess if the island's water sources can sustain a hydro power system, more wind masts to analyse wind resources, and solar data collection.

The plan was approved after the results of a survey of ratepayers revealed the majority, around 75 per cent, agreed the Stewart Island Electricity Supply Authority should spend $180,000 to do it.

The board rubber-stamped the plan at its meeting this week.

Southland District Council group manager of services and assets, Ian Marshall, said a preliminary survey of hydro, wind and solar data would be assessed. Any that proved to be unviable would be dropped. Hydro remains the preferred option.


The Southland Times