Offer for ride because of rain

02:50, Dec 14 2012

An elderly man who offered a 17-year-old girl a ride in his white van last month, did so because it was raining, Invercargill police said today.

On November 15 the girl was approached by a man driving a white van as she walked along Layard St near James Hargest College.

Detective Scott MacKenzie said police had since spoken to the man and were satisfied no offence had been committed.

The man told them he offered the girl a lift because it was raining.

However he accepted in hindsight the offer could have caused the girl concern, Mr MacKenzie said.

Today's revelation comes after an incident alleged by another 17-year-old girl to have occurred on December 2, turned out to be a hoax.

Police took both incidents seriously, warning schools about stranger danger and asking the public to be vigilant.


The Southland Times