Arson guts $150,000 boat at marine yard

16:00, Dec 14 2012

A nine-metre boat worth $150,000 was gutted by a deliberately lit fire at an Invercargill marine workshop early yesterday morning.

Kingswell fire crews and police were called to the fire at Steve Gooding Marine on the Bluff Highway near Southland Hospital, at 1.50am yesterday.

The boat was on a trailer outside the workshops and was well alight when the emergency services arrived.

Detective Derek Miller said the owner of the boat lived near Lumsden, and it was at the workshop for insurance repair work.

A fire investigation team examined the boat yesterday.

Specialist fire investigator Mike Cahill said the fire was deliberately lit and an accelerant had been used. The fire would therefore require more investigation.


"We have ruled out all possible accidental causes. The ignition source at this stage is undetermined . . . it's now in police hands."

Mr Miller said police would like to hear from the owners of a car, possibly a Subaru station wagon, seen in the area.

Anyone with information or who saw anything in the area around the time of the fire should contact police, he said.

The Southland Times