More mail handed in

More missing mail has been handed into Queenstown police after a postie's flatmate handed in five boxes and two carry bags of mail on Friday.

Senior constable Chris Blackford this morning said the male flatmate handed the mail in after finding it on the property.

Two weeks ago Philippa Lynette Lindsay, 32, postal worker, faced a representative charge of theft in a special relationship between September 2010 and November 2012.

She entered no plea in the Queenstown District Court.

It is alleged she stole about 17,000 items of mail and kept them in her home and a lock-up in Arrowtown.

The latest batch of mail handed in will likely bolster the count of missing mail items in the resort by hundreds, but Mr Blackford was not willing to make an estimate on the individual number of items.

New Zealand Post have hand-delivered many of the missing mail to more than 1360 homes in Fernhill, Arrowtown and Lake Hayes.

Police had already searched the house and property, but the mail handed in on Friday was believed to have been located down a steep bank and in thick undergrowth.

The Southland Times