Posties rush to deliver stash of books

A mammoth task is facing posties in the days before Christmas after thousands of books bought online were "discovered" at the Auckland Airport International Mail Centre.

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The books were bought from international budget bookseller, The Book Depository, but were apparently lost when arrived in New Zealand.

The company tweeted yesterday: "Following a joint investigation with our air freight partners and NZ Post, a backlog of approximately 12,000 items was discovered at Auckland Airport and these have now been processed by NZ Post."

However, New Zealand Post spokesman said that was not entirely true.

External communications manager John Tulloch said the shipment arrived yesterday and the company's tweet was unfortunate.

"The issue has been about the supply chain to New Zealand there has never ever been an issue with the processing either by Customs or by NZ Post," he said.

"I think there is a misunderstand here maybe some unclear messaging from someone, but its not a case of a container load of books being discovered somewhere."

He said work was underway to deliver the orders.

"Our posties and processing people are bending over backwards to get it to people before Christmas."

The Book Depository was not available for comment.