Police keen to hear about dodgy drivers

21:59, Dec 19 2012

Public complaints about bad drivers are on the increase in Queenstown and people should report dodgy motorists, police said yesterday.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said a 42-year-old Cromwell man was given an instant fine after his bad driving on State Highway 6 near Arrowtown was reported by another motorist on Tuesday.

"The number of public complaints about poor driving is on the increase.

"Naturally we cannot respond to every single complaint but we will try to attend where possible."

Motorists were encouraged to report bad driving by calling *555, he said.

Police were waiting to identify a man in CCTV footage after a customer lost his iPhone in The Warehouse on Tuesday.


He left his phone on a counter at a checkout and a man in the queue picked up the phone and slipped it into his pocket.

The man who lifted the phone was encouraged to bring it to the police station, he said.

At 2.20am yesterday a 21-year-old Queenstown man was ejected from the Boiler Room because he was so intoxicated.

He was arrested and charged after he pulled flowers from the pots outside the bar.

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