Roadworks halt posties

Some houses on Queens Dr in Invercargill have had no mail for the last four delivery days because of ongoing roadworks.

Residents living between Gala and St Andrew streets contacted The Southland Times yesterday to say they had not been told deliveries would stop and had had to go to the Clyde St mail depot to collect their post.

New Zealand Post had told them the roadworks were a health and safety risk, they said.

Pavements at the lower end of Queens Dr have been dug up as part of the works.

Residents still have access to their driveways, but must go through the works. "I just found out today [the post wasn't coming]," one resident said.

NZ Post spokesman Michael Tull said it had not been told about the roadworks.

Postmen on their rounds had seen the roadworks and decided it was not safe to cross them to reach the letterboxes.

Assessments of risk were done day to day, he said.

"There's no footpath and a lot of heavy machinery operating . . . we're not able to service [those addresses] while the council have this level of activity going on."

It had not been possible to tell people about the disruption.

If the posties had delivered a note saying they could not deliver mail, the first question asked would be why NZ Post could drop in a note but not deliver post.

"We would like to have been able to inform [residents] . . . we couldn't do it [before the roadworks started] because we didn't know, and we couldn't do it afterwards because we couldn't get to the letterboxes."

Council roading manager Russell Pearson said in future it would keep NZ Post informed about roadworks.

Mr Tull said NZ Post would meet with the council to discuss how to restart deliveries.

The Southland Times