Fine disappoints Otago SPCA

03:53, Dec 20 2012

The Otago SPCA is disappointed in the court sentence handed down to a Dunedin man for ill treating his dog.

Forty-seven year-old Raymond Brent Anderson starved his dog and it died, the Dunedin District Court heard today.

A summary of facts says Otago SPCA inspectors seized the body of the dog Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross bitch Storm in August.

A necropsy concluded severe starvation/malnutrition. The dog had been emaciated and dehydrated. Lung condition indicated terminal gasping. There was a sanitary pad found in its stomach.

Judge Colin Doherty sentenced Anderson 100 hours' community work for ill treating the dog.  He also disqualified Anderson from owning any other dog for two years.

Otago SPCA chief inspector Virginia Pine said her organisation was disappointed at the sentence.


"We put a lot of hard work into the case and wanted to get justice for the animal.

"The message needs to go out there to people that is not acceptable."

The maximum penalty for offences under the Animal Cruelty Act can be as high as  12 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Judge Doherty said today the dog deteriorated after delivering a litter of seven puppies.

"She died. The cause of death could not be determined. But what is certain is that she was undernourished."

Anderson had feed the dog but was not feeding what she needed while feeding her pups, Judge Doherty said.

However, the judge accepted Anderson may not have acted intentionally, in that Anderson underestimated her nutritional needs, and was now showing remorse.

A summary of facts says Anderson gave conflicting information to SPCA inspectors about how the bitch had died, initially saying he had put her down because she was ill and then changing his story that she had died in her sleep.

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