Repeat shoplifter nabbed

22:15, Dec 20 2012

One of two French backpackers - who were described as ''professional'' shoplifters - was arrested in Queenstown yesterday.

Senior constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said two shoplifters were spotted on CCTV by staff in Fresh Choice supermarket in Gorge Rd after stealing earlier this week.

The theft was spotted at 5.20pm on Wednesday but no-one was caught.

One of the men stood in front of the other to obscure the view from store CCTV as his partner stole a bottle of wine.

''It appears one was covering for the other standing in front of a camera. It appears they were professional shoplifters from France.''

Yesterday at 4.45pm one of the men ventured back into the supermarket, where staff try to be as vigilant as they can be against thieves.


He was caught shoplifting again and recognised from the CCTV footage by staff.

The man is expected to appear in Queenstown District Court.

Meanwhile, a couple who wanted to cool off and went for a swim at Frankton beach had their car stolen.

They parked their green Subaru Legacy registration ZK9450 near public toilets, wrapped the keys in a towel and went for a swim at 12.15pm but the keys and car were gone when they returned at 12.30pm.

A 23-year-old New Zealander crashed his car into a paddock on Malaghan's Rd at 6pm yesterday but was uninjured.

Police said a blood sample was taken and sent for analysis.

The Southland Times