Wage, student loan headache for teacher

Remarkables Primary School relief teacher Candice Buchanan said she was paid $4200 for three days of relief work, when her pay should have been about $650.

She opened up another account for the excess pay, so she wouldn't touch it.

Dramas continued in the next pay period, when Novopay deducted about $470 from her $650 pay, to go towards her student loan.

She then got a letter from Novopay saying she owed $4020 - which meant she had only $180 from her three days of relief work.

Mrs Buchanan said Inland Revenue had informed her the money could only be returned to her account through Novopay. When she went to the Novopay support staff, she was told the company was not authorised to request the percentage of her student loan be readjusted and the money returned to her.

That was frustrating because of the holiday season and because her family was living on one wage.

Yesterday, an Inland Revenue spokesman said the department could not discuss individual cases.

Inland Revenue would work with, and offer assistance, to any education sector taxpayer or employer who believed their pay had been disrupted by errors in the Novopay system, he said.

The Southland Times