Summer Times is here

21:40, Dec 30 2012

Christmas is over, so it's time to embrace summer.

In the spirit of the season of chilling and relaxing, The Southland Times is again running a daily two-page ''Summer Times'' section, until January 5.

We've got a nine-part comic strip series from our cartoonist Shaun Yeo, our reporters look back at those in the news who have had a big year, while in a nine-part series we examine the world of geocaching.

In addition we look at four different types of holidays, while on Monday we start printing your holiday photographs.

Email your best holiday snapshots to with ''summer photos'' in the subject line.

Include your name, a contact phone number (mobile number too), details of who is in the photo, where they are, what they are doing, where they are from, and any other interesting details.


Most importantly, you need to put your camera's setting on the highest picture resolution possible.

Needs some help?

We've got our handy five-part digital photography guide online at

Happy holidays!

The Southland Times