Men take off with van on weekend test drive

20:05, Dec 27 2012

A black van that was for sale on the front lawn of a Wyndham property was stolen when it was taken for a test drive during the weekend.

Senior Sergeant Richard McPhail, of Gore, said the black Toyota Hiace hi-top van was stolen by two men who asked the owner if they could take it for a test drive.

A man about 25 years old and another in his 50s drove to the address in a red late-model Commodore.

The owner of the van agreed to a test drive but was inside checking on his children when both men drove away taking the van and their own car, he said.

It was a reminder to those offering test drives to try and get as many details as possible and make sure a vehicle was left behind, Mr McPhail said.

Both men were described as being of average build.

The younger man had a goatee and the other a beard.


The Southland Times