Dogroll thief has no leg to stand on in court

20:33, Jan 12 2013
stl jan11 oscar
Alray Dairy owner Esmay Hay in her Invercargill store beside the dog roll fridge where Oscar, a thieving, three-legged dog helped himself.

Oscar, a thieving, three-legged dog walks into an Invercargill dairy, helps himself to a dog roll and gets away with the loot.

It sounds like a joke and shoppers at Alray Dairy in Windsor could do nothing but laugh this week when a dog whipped past their legs and escaped down the street.

And the punch line - it was not the canine crook's first offence and he knew exactly where to find the pet food fridge.

The fussy dog also chose to ignore the meat produce on display in the fridge beside the dog rolls.

Dairy owner Esmay Hay said the dog had also been in the shop the previous week but had been caught. However she believed it may have taken dog rolls on other occasions and gone unnoticed.

The door was left ajar, so it was possible, and he was quick, she said.


She had heard the door sensor buzz on other days but thought it was strange when she turned around and no-one was there.

"It's the funniest thing to happen in this shop. I couldn't help but laugh," she said.

Shocked customers could not believe their eyes either and were in fits of laughter, she said.

She said one customer had joked: ‘The dog burglar would not have a leg to stand on in court."

Some shoppers had thought the dog belonged to Mrs Hay and asked her how she trained it to find the pet food.

"People stood there gasping and soon the shop was full of people rushing in and out, talking about the dog," she said.

Everyone had gone out to see where the dog had gone but it could not be found.

However, the pinching pooch left evidence of his crime a few streets away, where the dog roll wrapper was found.

A Windsor resident later found the three-legged thief wandering the streets and called the pound, who came to collect it.

The dog was registered and wearing a collar with the name Oscar inscribed on it.

Despite its free feed, it look malnourished, she said.

"I hope they find the owner and it doesn't get put down," she said.

Council senior animal control officer Steven Boyd said the dog and its owner were known to pound.

There was more to the story but he did not want to prejudice further action, he said.

So far the pound had been unsuccessful at making contact with the owner.

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