More suspicious fires in Invercargill

A further three deliberately lit fires in south Invercargill have kept firefighters and police busy this morning following a spate overnight on Monday. 

Three vegetation fires were started shortly after midnight. Firefighters from Kingswell were called to the intersection of Elles and Kew roads, near Southland Hospital, to a tree ablaze at 12.36 this morning.

Less than ten minutes later, they were called to Wicklow St in Clifton, where a patch of scrub was on fire.

Invercargill station firefighters responded to another scrub fire on Bluff Highway at 12.51am.

Then, at 1am, they were called to the junction of Tramway and Rockdale roads, where it appeared someone had set fire to a pile of tyres.

Senior Sergeant Dave Raynes, of Invercargill. said all the fires were deliberately lit.

Following four or five small fires near the hospital about 5.30am on Monday, police had searched for youths seen in the area. However, this morning, no youths were seen, Mr Raynes said.

The investigation continues.

The Southland Times