Where are all the vintage tractor drivers?

20:09, Jan 16 2013
Colin Donald
VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT: Edendale Vintage Machinery Club vice-president Colin Donald takes a break among some of the Ford tractors he needs drivers for, in the leadup to the Crank Up weekend street parade.

Edendale's Crank Up weekend is just around the corner, but organisers are sending out a last-minute call for help.

Edendale Vintage Machinery Club vice president Colin Donald said he was hunting down a load of drivers to fill empty seats in vintage tractors.

He had at least 30 tractors without drivers scheduled to appear in the event's street parade, and expected more to be added to the list before Crank Up weekend.

Although he hoped to rustle up volunteers from the Crank Up camping ground, he feared some of the tractors would have to be retired from the parade if he could not find drivers.

"It's pretty hard to take these things around without drivers."

Anyone was welcome to climb behind the steering wheel, so long as they were skilled enough to avoid "prang ups" in the middle of the show, he said.


He believed more than 300 vehicles would take part in the parade.

Also in demand for the event are Ford trucks and tractors.

Every year, Crank Up highlighted a different type of vehicle, and this time around, it was Ford's turn in the limelight, Mr Donald said.

However, while hundreds of Ford cars were expected to cruise in for the weekend, organisers were concerned about lower numbers of Ford trucks and tractors. Mr Donald estimated only 100 tractors would be on display, and hoped a few more would come out of the woodwork during the next couple of weeks.

The lack of tractors around the country was probably because the company stopped producing the vehicle in 1980, he said.

The 26th annual Crank Up weekend starts with a street parade on January 25, and continues at the Edendale Recreation Grounds on January 26 and 27.

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