Police seek leads on 'revolting' vandalism

02:50, Jan 18 2013

Queenstown police are calling for help from Lake Hayes Estate residents after vandals tagged public toilets and smeared faeces on a children's slide and public barbecue.

Constable Carly Tyler said the spate of "mindless vandalism" began back in mid-November and the most recent incident was reported about a week ago.

Police have put out a plea to residents to help catch the culprits.

Constable Tyler said police were concerned the problem would escalate at the estate's McBride Park if the perpetrators were not stopped now.

"It's been ranging from tagging to filling toilet bowls with stones and draping toilet paper from the public toilets around trees.

"The worst case involved human waste smeared on children's slides and reports it had been found on the park's public barbecue.


"It needs to stop.

"It's not fair on people and the public, not fair at all.

"It's just revolting," Constable Tyler said.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council had contacted police after its cleaning contractors reported the problem.

Police were urging residents to be diligent and report all cases of vandalism and suspicious behaviour as soon as possible and the issue has been highlighted in the Lake Hayes Estate Community Association newsletter.

Police met members of the association to form a plan and send a clear message that vandalism would not be tolerated in Lake Hayes Estate.

Police had no leads on who was responsible other than a report from a resident near the park who saw people in school uniforms throwing stones on the roof of the public toilets late last year.

The Southland Times