Family fail to make contact

19:24, Jan 20 2013

A Christchurch family of four almost sparked a full-scale search and rescue on Friday night when they failed to contact family members after walking the Routeburn track.

Sergeant Kate Pirovano, of Queenstown, said police were contacted by a concerned family member who had expected the group, consisting of two adults and two children, to contact them after three days walking the track.

An initial search was launched at 8pm and the family were not answering their cellphones, Ms Pirovano said.

The lack of communication created a lot of work for people, she said.

Tracknet confirmed the family had travelled back to Queenstown by bus, arriving a 2.30pm - six hours before they were reported overdue.

"It highlights the importance of following through with what you say you are going to do and to keep in contact," Ms Pirovano said.

"It caused a lot of headaches for a lot of people and worry," she said.


The Southland Times