'Man-trap' across street

22:11, Jan 21 2013

Police are seeking the people responsible for stringing up a potential man-trap across a Lake Hayes estate street at ''the perfect height for the throat of a bike rider'' this morning .

A resident of the satellite Queenstown neighbourhood drove into the red or orange string or twine that was stretched across Sylvan St at about 7am.

Senior constable Chris Blackford, of Queenstown, said the woman heard a loud ''pinging'' sound as the string, which was positioned at lower windscreen height, broke.

The driver said the string was positioned at the perfect height for the throat of a bike rider, Mr Blackford said.

There were huge penalties for such an offence, which could be classified as setting a man-trap or deliberately endangering road users, he said.

Spates of ''mindless vandalism'' began occurring in the neighbourhood, when vandals tagged public toilets late last year. Last week faeces was smeared on a children's slide and public barbecue.

At the time, Constable Carly Tyler said police were concerned the problem would escalate if the perpetrators were not stopped.


The Southland Times