Man hurt when gas bottle explodes

23:19, Jan 21 2013
Gas bottle explosion at Glendhu Bay
A gas bottle explosion at the Glendhu Bay camping ground, near Wanaka, left one man with burns to his face, arms and legs.

An injured man was rushed into Lake Wanaka after his gas bottle exploded at a camping ground this morning.

A New Zealand Fire Service spokesperson confirmed one engine from Wanaka attended the incident at the Glendhu Bay camping ground, which was reported at 10.19am.

''A 9kg gas bottle exploded and one person received burns and was taken from the scene in an ambulance,'' the spokesperson said.

A camper who witnessed the incident said a man at a nearby campsite was trying to put the connection back on a gas bottle that had gas squirting out of it when it exploded.

''Something must have caused it to ignite when he was trying to put the connection back on,'' the woman said.

The man received burns to his face, arms and legs and was quickly taken down to Lake Wanaka and placed in the water by witnesses until emergency services arrived, she said.


Campers then rallied around to douse the area of the explosion with as much water as possible until Wanaka volunteer firefighters arrived.

''The explosions caused a fire, which burnt all of the people's luggage which was packed up. I think it was kept going by aerosol cans.''

The woman said the fire got quite big and people were concerned it would spread to other campsites: ''Thank god it wasn't a windy today''.

The man was taken away in the ambulance, she said.

The Southland Times