Residents asked to be vigilant

Queenstown police are asking Lake Hayes Estate residents to keep a close eye on their neighbourhood and report any incidents immediately, following another complaint by a fed-up resident.

Senior Constable Chris Blackford yesterday said a resident contacted police at 10.30am on Wednesday to complain about bottles littered in her garden.

Youths are thought to be responsible for a spate of vandalism, and dangerous and disgusting behaviour at the housing estate, which included a string man-trap set across Sylvan St and faeces smeared over a playground.

Meanwhile, a 22-year-old English woman who had been living in Queenstown was spoken to by police when she attempted to board a flight at Queenstown Airport with a small LPG cylinder and pepper spray in her hand luggage.

The woman was stopped at the security screening station. No further action was taken.

Police were called to Arrowtown at 6.40pm on Wednesday after a 21-year-old Arrowtown woman breached her home detention. The woman caught a bus back to Arrowtown. After she got off the bus, she decided to follow an Asian man down a bank, where she shared a legal high with him.

The woman felt nauseous and vomited before falling asleep. When she woke up she was upset and had to be taken to home. The woman was supposed to be home by 6pm so had breached her curfew by more than an hour and a half, Mr Blackford said.

At 9.55pm on Wednesday, a 21-year-old Canadian woman was arrested for shoplifting at Fresh Choice supermarket. She was charged with theft.

The Southland Times